[Day 504] The thing about Iceland …

… is that their horses have fabulous hair. Their hair is long, silver-blonde, blowing in the wind in such a way that it always covers one of their eyes like they are in a One Direction’s music video. The government has long decided that those horses’ hair is the most attractive thing about the country, besides Viking fish snack, licorice chocolate, and renewable energy,  so you can see those horses posing everywhere. You can see them on the front page of magazines, on advertisements, and of course, in real life.


beautiful hair horses.jpg
Where you’re as welcome as your money. If you don’t have money, Southern Europe is ahead to the right pls

Btw, their licorice chocolate sucks. I got some as a gift for my friends and they’re using it to play pokers, as in if you lose, you have to eat it. Thanks, guys.


[Day 504] The thing about Iceland …

[Day 495] A few things about Copenhagen

Thing 1: Dani and I knew our AirBnB was exactly downtown when we saw downstairs a drunken girl trying to catch a cab and the driver trying not to run her over. Then she screamed at him.

Thing 2: People cycled to pubs. We were wondering if it was legal to drink in public when we saw two guys casually pedaling by with beers in their hands.

Thing 3: It’s possible to accidentally walk into a sex bar. We were happy to finally find a bar without cigarette smoke then we realized there was something odd about it. There were only old white men and young Thai girls. Everyone was staring at us. Men were thinking about how Dani lucky was (at least I’d like to think that) and women were thinking that I was stealing their customer.

Thing 4: All the travel guides that tell you about the 10 things you must eat in Copenhagen are lying. There are only three things that people in Copenhagen eat: Chinese box, Doner kebab, and crepe. I think they might have potato and bread too but I’m not so sure. Continue reading “[Day 495] A few things about Copenhagen”

[Day 495] A few things about Copenhagen

[Day 235] I need your input to write a bad-ass book about Vietnamese culture

Over the years, I’ve noticed three things about books about Vietnamese culture:

  1. They are all written by foreigners. A guidebook to a country written by a foreigner is like a cookbook written by someone who has only had experience in looking at the food. There needs to be a book about Vietnamese culture written by a real Vietnamese.
  2. They all start with the war. Come on, the war ended 4 decades ago! There are so many more cool things in Vietnam.
  3.  They all read like textbooks at best and phonebooks at worst. I believe that books should be not only informative but also entertaining.

I’ve spent the last two years interviewing many people: foreigners who have traveled in Vietnam, foreigners who have lived in Vietnam, foreigners who have never been to Vietnam, Vietnamese who have lived overseas, Vietnamese who have never been outside the country, etc. I’ve combined their opinion into a book called “How to not get your ass kicked in Vietnam: The native’s guide”. But I still need more input to make the book as comprehensive as possible. So please help me through this short survey:

Survey for non-Vietnamese

Survey for Vietnamese

Thank you very much! The prologue to this book can be find below.

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[Day 235] I need your input to write a bad-ass book about Vietnamese culture

[Day 153] Packing for a year-long trip: Tips from Asher Leiss – the waterfalls guy

Asher Leiss is a good friend of mine who once spent 5+ years bumming around the world. He’s now based in Taiwan to learn Chinese, and is kind of a celebrity there because he has explored hundreds of waterfalls and documented them all. Talk about passion. Check out his website and Facebook to see a crazy white dude jumping off different waterfalls.

When Paul told me that he’d drop out of school to travel for a couple of years, I asked Asher to give him some packing tips. Paul found them helpful, so I hope that you find them helpful too. I’ll also prepare some packing tips and post them soon-ish.

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[Day 153] Packing for a year-long trip: Tips from Asher Leiss – the waterfalls guy

[Day 90] The cheapest places in the world to live for a year

Today, I found out that something I wrote got featured on SFGate. Someone asked on Quora about the cheapest place to live for a year. I answered and SFGate republished it.

I have been to more than 30 countries in Asia, Africa, South and Central America and I would say that if cost is all you care about, regardless of the standard of living, you would have plenty of options to live under $300/month. Below are some of my favorites:

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[Day 90] The cheapest places in the world to live for a year

[Day 63] Scotland for Dummies

When we first arrived in Edinburgh, as an introduction to Scottish culture, they had us sit and listen to two gentlemen in suits talking in a monotonic Scottish accent for 4 hours. They had powerpoint slides and everything, and they just read things off the slides like tenured professors who have stopped giving a flying duck. I went out looking for water but before I knew it, I was walking to the nearby ice cream shop and ordered myself a nice, mouthwatering scoop. When I came back, Delenn whispered: “My god you missed it. This guy just read Scottish words off a dictionary for half an hour. Every time he finished a word I thought he would stop, but he just kept going.”

Unrelated photo but I took this in Scotland and it’s pretty

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[Day 63] Scotland for Dummies