[Day 622] Is your life parallelism or just mere concurrency?

Today in our parallel computing class, we learned about two concepts that people often confuse for one another: parallelism and concurrency. Concurrency is when you deal with a lot of things at once, while parallelism is doing a lot of things at once.

For example, concurrency is when you switch between doing homework and chatting on Facebook with your friends. From your perspective, you’re making progress in both things and it feels like you’re achieving parallelism – doing both things at once. However, the reality is that you’re merely doing concurrency. You do one thing at the cost of not doing another.

Parallelism would be to have two copies of you, one doing homework and one chatting on Facebook at the exact same time. Which is, of course, not possible. And that’s why multitasking is just a myth.

[Day 622] Is your life parallelism or just mere concurrency?

[Day 619] And then we ate lemons and drank vinegar

Maddy generously got us some Miracle Fruit Tablets today. They are supposed to turn sour into sweet. So we each took a tablet and experimented with different types of food.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-18 at 9.34.16 PM.jpeg

  • Lemon: just as advertised, lemons tasted sweet but not too sweet. We all liked miracle-enhanced lemons a lot so we each had several wedges.
  • Grapefruit: also great, but not as good as lemons
  • Balsamic vinegar: sugary balsamic vinegar apparently tastes like a hipster cocktail sold for $15 a pop at a bar in San Francisco
  • Sriracha: fucking gross
  • BBQ sauce: actually pretty good
  • Seaweed: fishy with a sugary aftertaste
  • Oreo: tasted like Oreo
  • Coffee: meh
  • Water: tasted like h2o
  • Strawberry: like a ball of sugar. extremely sweet
  • Avocado: tasted really good, but it could just be because I really like avocado

That was a good distraction for half an hour.

[Day 619] And then we ate lemons and drank vinegar

[Day 615] Breaking news: monkeys aren’t better than humans

Today, I watched a segment of a TED Talk that was touted as “monkeys rejected unequal payments”. I immediately got the vision that when two monkeys were paid unequally, both the one that was paid more and the one that was paid less would protest. This vision made me happy, thinking that in a society free of money, primates would be able to look out for each another.

But then I watched the video and was disappointed. While the money that was paid in cucumbers protested in vain, the one with grapes continued to do their job blissfully — just like most humans.

What a shame. I guess monkeys are no better than humans after all.

[Day 615] Breaking news: monkeys aren’t better than humans

[Day 556] Give Akash Modi a Taco Bell sponsorship already

I have a friend, Akash, who’s obsessed with Taco Bell. I mean, obsessed. At dinner, he would talk on and on about his plan to catch Taco Bell’s attention. “Should I do a pushup-handstand while eating a taco? How about doing a backflip with a taco in my mouth?”

Most people would say those things as a joke, but I know Akash can and might actually do those as he’s an “almost” Olympian. Continue reading “[Day 556] Give Akash Modi a Taco Bell sponsorship already”

[Day 556] Give Akash Modi a Taco Bell sponsorship already

[Day 550] Uphill battle

Things that I found me and my friends saying these days.

“Deadlines are the beacon that guides my life from a moment to the next.”

“That sweet, sweet two seconds between finishing a project and starting the next.”

“I don’t even think about whether I’m having a good day or not. I just work all the time.”

“I’m trying to get through the week.”

Life is an uphill battle that, at times, seems to never stop. Keep on trucking. We got this!


[Day 550] Uphill battle