[Day 11] 10 alternatives to Tinder

Tender: Tinder for chicken strip lovers

Tinpot: Tinder for marijuana lovers

Tensor: Tinder for physicists to find each other and write papers together

Tinderella: Tinder for gold-diggers

Kinder: Tinder for extended families

Hinder: An app that helps you find your friends’ Tinder dates so you can cock-block them

Timber: Tinder for lumberjack*

Tendir: Tinder for people with dyslexia

Bender: Tinder for futurama fans and people who like to give blowjobs

Hodor: Hodor hodor hodor

* Borrowed from Daniel Meese

** Some are borrowed/inspired by Castano’s whiteboard. Castano people I love you ❤

[Day 11] 10 alternatives to Tinder

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