[Day 550] Uphill battle

Things that I found me and my friends saying these days.

“Deadlines are the beacon that guides my life from a moment to the next.”

“That sweet, sweet two seconds between finishing a project and starting the next.”

“I don’t even think about whether I’m having a good day or not. I just work all the time.”

“I’m trying to get through the week.”

Life is an uphill battle that, at times, seems to never stop. Keep on trucking. We got this!


[Day 550] Uphill battle

[Day 515] “I’m a pianist/juggler”

Today, Tucker had an extra ticket to “Mads Tolling & The Mad Men.” Tessy thought she should be the one going instead because it was almost her birthday and she *thought* she knew more about classical music than I did. “Do you even know what jazz is?” she asked. “Yes,” I answered.

I was excited about the show because Mads Tolling was a two time Grammy winner and I had never consciously been in the same room with a Grammy winner before. I was pleasantly surprised by how classy everyone in the room looked. Men were all wearing shirt or suits or both, and women were wearing dresses. By everyone, I meant everyone except Tucker. He came in jersey, tech hoodie, shorts, and sandals. When I was biking back in the cold I also realized that he was driving back. “You could have picked me up,” I screamed at him. “Yeah I suppose,” he said.

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[Day 515] “I’m a pianist/juggler”

[Day 504] The thing about Iceland …

… is that their horses have fabulous hair. Their hair is long, silver-blonde, blowing in the wind in such a way that it always covers one of their eyes like they are in a One Direction’s music video. The government has long decided that those horses’ hair is the most attractive thing about the country, besides Viking fish snack, licorice chocolate, and renewable energy,  so you can see those horses posing everywhere. You can see them on the front page of magazines, on advertisements, and of course, in real life.


beautiful hair horses.jpg
Where you’re as welcome as your money. If you don’t have money, Southern Europe is ahead to the right pls

Btw, their licorice chocolate sucks. I got some as a gift for my friends and they’re using it to play pokers, as in if you lose, you have to eat it. Thanks, guys.


[Day 504] The thing about Iceland …

[Day 495] A few things about Copenhagen

Thing 1: Dani and I knew our AirBnB was exactly downtown when we saw downstairs a drunken girl trying to catch a cab and the driver trying not to run her over. Then she screamed at him.

Thing 2: People cycled to pubs. We were wondering if it was legal to drink in public when we saw two guys casually pedaled by with beers in their hands.

Thing 3: It’s possible to accidentally walk into a sex bar. We were happy to finally find a bar without cigarette smoke then we realized there was something odd about it. There were only old white men and young Thai girls. Everyone was staring at us. Men were thinking about how Dani lucky was (at least I’d like to think that) and women were thinking that I was stealing their customer.

Thing 4: All the travel guides that tell you about the 10 things you must eat in Copenhagen are lying. There are only three things that people in Copenhagen eat: Chinese box, Doner kebab, and crepe. I think they might have potato and bread too but I’m not so sure. Continue reading “[Day 495] A few things about Copenhagen”

[Day 495] A few things about Copenhagen

[Day 490] Working minimum wage jobs

When I lost my bike key, I went to the campus bike shop to ask them to break my lock. It was a fifteen walk to the place where my bike was locked, so to break the awkward silence, I decided to make a small talk with the guy assigned to help me.

“Are you a student?” I asked.


“How long have you been working here?”

“Nine months.”

“Do you like it?”

“As much as I would like any minimum wage job.” Continue reading “[Day 490] Working minimum wage jobs”

[Day 490] Working minimum wage jobs

[Day 486] This guy bought a Tesla Model S to drive Uber select hoping to potential investors

Disclaimer: I didn’t verify whether he actually bought the Tesla S or not. This is what he told me.

Today, Dani and I went to watch Baby Driver. It was meh. The director seemed to have problem deciding whether to make an action or a romantic movie, and he ended up doing both. The best part of our cinematic experience was actually the Uber drivers taking us back and forth.

The first driver was an earnest guy in his mid 20s. He drove a nice Toyota Corolla whose window pockets were filled with water and granola bars. “You’re welcome to have some.” “No thank you. I’m good.” When Dani and I saw a checker cab with “You can book us online with curb” painted on the side, I wondered out loud if “curb” was Uber for taxis, and the driver laughed hysterically. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I realized that he laughed hysterically at almost every attempt at jokes we made.  Continue reading “[Day 486] This guy bought a Tesla Model S to drive Uber select hoping to potential investors”

[Day 486] This guy bought a Tesla Model S to drive Uber select hoping to potential investors

[Day 473] Being a non-native English speaker writing in English

I was enjoying a hot spring in Utah when a red-haired lady came to join me. Small talks ensued. I told her I was a creative writing student and I wanted to become a writer. She seemed confused.

“Do they teach Vietnamese writing here?”

“No, I’m studying English writing.”

“You want to write in English?”

Now she was really confused. I had an accent, I still do, and she was probably wondering how a person who didn’t even speak English could even dream of making a living out of it. Continue reading “[Day 473] Being a non-native English speaker writing in English”

[Day 473] Being a non-native English speaker writing in English