[Day 495] A few things about Copenhagen

Thing 1: We knew that our AirBnB was exactly downtown when we saw downstairs a drunken girl trying to hail a cab and the driver trying not to run her over. Then she screamed at him.

Thing 2: People cycled to pubs. We were wondering if it was legal to drink in public when we saw two guys casually pedaling by with beers in their hands.

Thing 3: It’s possible to accidentally walk into a sex bar. We were happy to finally find a bar without indoor smoking when we realized there was something odd about it. There were only old white men and young Thai girls. Everyone was staring at us. Men were thinking about how Dani lucky was (at least I’d like to think that) and women were probably mad at me stealing their customer.

Thing 4: All the travel guides that tell you about the 10 things you must eat in Copenhagen are lying. There are only three things that people in Copenhagen eat: Chinese box, Doner kebab, and crepe. I think they might have potato and bread too but I’m not so sure.

Thing 5: The touristy spots are almost as good as advertised when the sun is out. No postcard ever tells you how crowded the place actually is.

touristy spot

Thing 6: And they have this.

slut nazi


[Day 495] A few things about Copenhagen

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