[Day 804] Adult things to do

1. For the first time in my life, I invested in a nice set of sheets and expensive pillows. I used to go to IKEA and buy the cheapest thing that didn’t repulse me, so this leap of faith made me feel very adult.

2. I promised to watch a rugby game with Dylan 3 years ago, and today, I finally fulfilled it. It was my luck with it was Rugby World Cup Sevens — a version of Rugby played with only 7 players on each team, with each half lasting 7 minutes. “14 minutes for a game, I can do that,” I thought. But the problem with short games is that I kept telling yourself “just one more game”, and before I knew it, I had been watching 5 games in a row. A few things I learned about rugby today. 1) it’s a combination of wrestling, cheerleading, and soccer. 2) the game goes fast so it’s fun to watch. 3) everyone loves Fiji. 4) Dylan is a bae.

3. I had a great lunch with Richard and Brad today. Richard just moved to a new place — his own apartment — and he loved it. “I love living by myself,” he said. “I don’t want to have to talk to people when I’m home.” This worries me. I’ve heard similar things from people who I think are proper adults. Does that mean that I’m not adulting yet? I can’t live by myself. I get anxious when I’m home alone. I need to have someone around to validate my existence. What if the house is haunted? What if some stranger knocks on the door? What if I say something smart and nobody is around to hear it?

[Day 804] Adult things to do

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