[Day 52] Sun sighted in Edinburgh

Today, thousands of locals flocked to the streets to witness what was considered the first sighting of the sun in Edinburgh since the Great Miss Sunshine in 2001. According to several eyewitnesses, the sky was lit up blue for more than two hours from 11am to 1.10pm, Friday, July 1, 2016. The leaves dried up and suddenly, the locals realized that the leaves were of a cheerful shade of grey, not just a sad shade of grey.

“My gran used to tell me stories aboot the days when she could play on the lawn without getting drookit and muddy all over, but I always thoot it was just one of those things auld people made up,” said a pale little girl clutching her brown-ish umbrella.

“Her gran boot me these sunnies when I was 12 but I never had a chance to use ’em until noo,” added her mother. “It’s a miracle.”

Scottish weather normal days

Meanwhile, the news is met with skepticism by Scots overseas. “Sun’s oot in Edinburgh?” said Craig McLaughlin, a Scot student at UCLA in California. “What yer gawn tell me next? Unicorn is real?”

The Royal Meteorological Society is not available for immediate comments as its members are too busy trying to turn their sunburn into much-needed tan.

Scottish weather last Friday




[Day 52] Sun sighted in Edinburgh

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