[Day 54] Things that Mykel Kochenderfer says

Mykel Kochenderfer is my professor for the course “Building Trust in Autonomy” and he’s hilarious.

“Our policy function depends on whether our time horizon is finite or infinite. For example, if you knew that the world was going to end tomorrow, you wouldn’t just go to Tesco and buy green bananas. You would be buying the candies we had at the zoo yesterday instead.”

“I’m reading this book called Algorithms to live by. If you’re looking for tips to find spouses, they have this little table…”

*on applying Secretary problem to finding love* “Suppose my decision to marry MaryAnne (his wife) was the right decision. It wasn’t like I had that many options. My sample size of women was only 1.”

“There are some words that get NIPS reviewers excited. Entropy, KL divergence, and long Russian names are just a few of them.”

“I don’t know anything about my family’s finance. If my wife got hit by a bus right now I wouldn’t even have money to buy grocery.”

“So I wrote this Julia package …”

“What’s “Netflix and chill”? Do you hang out and watch Netflix together?’

Rachael: “I have eye wrinkles.” – Mykel: “Yeah you do.”

“Yeah? Do you like that?”

[Day 54] Things that Mykel Kochenderfer says

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