[Day 550] Uphill battle

Things that I found me and my friends saying these days.

“Deadlines are the beacon that guides my life from a moment to the next.”

“That sweet, sweet two seconds between finishing a project and starting the next.”

“I don’t even think about whether I’m having a good day or not. I just work all the time.”

“I’m trying to get through the week.”

Life is an uphill battle that, at times, seems to never stop. Keep on trucking. We got this!


[Day 550] Uphill battle

[Day 515] “I’m a pianist/juggler”

Today, Tucker had an extra ticket to “Mads Tolling & The Mad Men.” Tessy thought she should be the one going instead because it was almost her birthday and she *thought* she knew more about classical music than I did. “Do you even know what jazz is?” she asked. “Yes,” I answered.

I was excited about the show because Mads Tolling was a two time Grammy winner and I had never consciously been in the same room with a Grammy winner before. I was pleasantly surprised by how classy everyone in the room looked. Men were all wearing shirt or suits or both, and women were wearing dresses. By everyone, I meant everyone except Tucker. He came in jersey, tech hoodie, shorts, and sandals. When I was biking back in the cold I also realized that he was driving back. “You could have picked me up,” I screamed at him. “Yeah I suppose,” he said.

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[Day 515] “I’m a pianist/juggler”