[Day 515] “I’m a pianist/juggler”

Today, Tucker had an extra ticket to “Mads Tolling & The Mad Men.” Tessy thought she should be the one going instead because it was almost her birthday and she *thought* she knew more about classical music than I did. “Do you even know what jazz is?” she asked. “Yes,” I answered.

I was excited about the show because Mads Tolling was a two time Grammy winner and I had never consciously been in the same room with a Grammy winner before. I was pleasantly surprised by how classy everyone in the room looked. Men were all wearing shirts or suits or both, and women were wearing dresses. By everyone, I meant everyone except Tucker. He came in jersey, tech hoodie, shorts, and sandals. When I was biking back in the cold I also realized that he was driving back. “You could have picked me up,” I screamed at him. “Yeah I suppose,” he said.

Mads was wonderful. The Mad Men were also wonderful. Halfway through the show, the pianist of The Mad Men took out his five juggling balls and started to juggle while playing music. It was entertaining to see, but it also made me wonder if it is that hard for people to make it as a musician nowadays that they have to double as a juggler or whatever kind of entertainer it is on stage. It made me a bit sad.

Here is a picture from the show. I don’t want to be that person who only goes to one cultural event a year so she has to take a photo to put on her blog to prove that.


Thanks Tucker for the ticket. Happy birthday Tessy!




[Day 515] “I’m a pianist/juggler”

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