[Day 619] And then we ate lemons and drank vinegar

Maddy generously got us some Miracle Fruit Tablets today. They are supposed to turn sour into sweet. So we each took a tablet and experimented with different types of food.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-18 at 9.34.16 PM.jpeg

  • Lemon: just as advertised, lemons tasted sweet but not too sweet. We all liked miracle-enhanced lemons a lot so we each had several wedges.
  • Grapefruit: also great, but not as good as lemons
  • Balsamic vinegar: sugary balsamic vinegar apparently tastes like a hipster cocktail sold for $15 a pop at a bar in San Francisco
  • Sriracha: fucking gross
  • BBQ sauce: actually pretty good
  • Seaweed: fishy with a sugary aftertaste
  • Oreo: tasted like Oreo
  • Coffee: meh
  • Water: tasted like h2o
  • Strawberry: like a ball of sugar. extremely sweet
  • Avocado: tasted really good, but it could just be because I really like avocado

That was a good distraction for half an hour.

[Day 619] And then we ate lemons and drank vinegar

[Day 615] Breaking news: monkeys aren’t better than humans

Today, I watched a segment of a TED Talk that was touted as “monkeys rejected unequal payments”. I immediately got the vision that when two monkeys were paid unequally, both the one that was paid more and the one that was paid less would protest. This vision made me happy, thinking that in a society free of money, primates would be able to look out for each another.

But then I watched the video and was disappointed. While the money that was paid in cucumbers protested in vain, the one with grapes continued to do their job blissfully — just like most humans.

What a shame. I guess monkeys are no better than humans after all.

[Day 615] Breaking news: monkeys aren’t better than humans

[Day 604] New year, old me

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 4.52.05 PM.jpg

I think I’ve either had a pretty good year, or repeated life misadventures have really lowered my standards. I ended 2017 on a happy note, watching fireworks by the river, eating street food, and screaming at random strangers while Dani was silently judging. I found myself working hard, building stronger relationships with people I care about, and having a lot of fun. Here are some of the things I was happy about in 2017:

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[Day 604] New year, old me

[Day 556] Give Akash Modi a Taco Bell sponsorship already

I have a friend, Akash, who’s obsessed with Taco Bell. I mean, obsessed. At dinner, he would talk on and on about his plan to catch Taco Bell’s attention. “Should I do a pushup-handstand while eating a taco? How about doing a backflip with a taco in my mouth?”

Most people would say those things as a joke, but I know Akash can and might actually do those as he’s an “almost” Olympian. Continue reading “[Day 556] Give Akash Modi a Taco Bell sponsorship already”

[Day 556] Give Akash Modi a Taco Bell sponsorship already