[Day 791] The first Chinese woman to get married via online dating

I tried carpooling with Scoop. Richard picked me up — his house is one block away from my house and his office building is right next to mine. He must have been one of the earliest success stories of online dating. He married his wife in 1996, through Match.com. To make it more dramatic, his wife is from China. “She was one of six women in Asia back then on Match.com,” Richard said. “I flew to China to meet her, and a few months later, I came back to marry her.”

“Did you have to create your profile via mails or something?” I asked.
“Yeah, I had to send in my photos through mails because uploading photos online didn’t work.”
“How did your wife even know about Match.com?”
“Funny, her then-boyfriend told her about it. He knew that she wouldn’t marry him but he still wanted her to be happy. He saw me on Match and told her that since I worked at Cisco, I must be financially secure.”
“Had she been in the US before she met you?”
“Nope. Never been outside of China.”
“What did her family make of her leaving the country with a strange man?”
“They love me!”

Well, lucky for his wife he didn’t turn out to be a human trafficker. Or so I think.


[Day 791] The first Chinese woman to get married via online dating

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