[Day 282] The pressure of impressing new people

Some of the cool things that happened today:

  • Jeff Dean high-fived me! I was having a drink with Brennan Saeta at the TensorFlow after party when I looked up and realized that standing right next to me was Jeff Dean. “OMG that’s Jeff Dean,” I said, slightly freaking out. “I’m just going to act casual. No big deal.” Brennan laughed: “Would you like to say hi to him?” “Maaaybe.” SoBrennan introduced me to Jeff and Jeff thought that teaching a TensorFlow class was cool.
  • I guess my *new* best friend just got on the cover of Nature. Brett Kuprel was featured on the cover of Nature before he turned 25. PhD students these days (shaking head).


  • There were a lot of people at the TensorFlow Dev Summit today so to spice up the small talks, I decided to introduce myself differently to different people. To some people, I said I was an an undergraduate. To some, I was a master’s student. To a few others, I said I was teaching a TensorFlow class at Stanford. Guess which conversations were the most successful?

Most people, after hearing that I’m just a student at Stanford (either an undergraduate or a master’s), just gave me their business cards and then found an excuse to walk away. I understand, there are plenty of interesting people to talk to at the summit, why would they waste their time on me? But I still find it amusing that they’d pay a lot more attention to me when I tell them that I teach a class, even though I’m still exactly the same person.

K bye. I’m back to doing homework.

[Day 282] The pressure of impressing new people

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