[Day 283] Procrastination

When I’m too busy, I can’t do work because I’m too stressed. But because I haven’t been doing work, I have even more work to do.

Since I’m super stressed with work, I’ve decided to dedicate more of my life into making memes.


Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go under my blanket thinking about how much work I’ll have to get done.

[Day 283] Procrastination

2 thoughts on “[Day 283] Procrastination

  1. B778 says:

    Chip, going under a blanket may feel like an effective way to recharge your batteries, but honestly is it always an issue? Quite often it seems like the lazy part of our mind just tricks us.
    What do you think, how to check if it’s a time to take a nap or you need to help your brain to restructure the thought process? (e.g. grab a list of paper and write down all the tasks you need to do, so they will not be hanging in your memory and distracting your thought process. After that, if no other insights, just cross out the most boring out, and start working on the first from the list..).

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