[Day 800] A thought experiment

Stanford sent me an email about “intent to bill” for damages in the room I used to stay. They must have been confused because when I moved out of that room almost 4 months ago, they came to clean/inspect and everything was fine. Then somebody else moved into my room right after that and stayed until now-ish.

As I wrote back, I felt an intense desire to end my email with “Much love”. I always feel a bit awkward when someone ends their email to me with “much love”, as I don’t know how to respond. I don’t say “I love you” that often, and saying it via email seems a bit odd. But I’ve always wanted to do it myself, and this email from House & Dining Enterprise seemed to be a perfect occasion to do so. I wonder how the person reading that email would react. Would that put a smile on their face or would they think I’m a lunatic?

Then I decided I’d end every inconsequential email I have from now on with “Much love”. Bills, customer supports, spams will all be receiving love from me from now on. I’ll be giving out my love Oprah’s style: “You get love. You get love. Everyone gets love.”

When I told Levi about this, he suggested that I tried something even more intimate. Why not “Forever yours truly” or “Fondly”?

[Day 800] A thought experiment

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