2 thoughts on “[Day 414] Re: “Don’t be sad”

  1. I could absolutely understand what you said, Huyền. Me and my best friend used to miscommunicate because of that. Whenever she had a bad mood, I really wanted to do something to cheer her up, but I did nothing but told her:” Don’t be sad!”. After thinking it through, I know that is the most meaningless thing I’ve ever done. How could a person feel better just in a sentence?

    What we need to do is to be silent and listen to whatever they said, no matter bad their words or emotions were, if we really care about them. If we are so busy that we couldn’t keep our eyes on them, just say:” OMG…Your situation is too bad. You must be so stressful. You know I care about you,huh! Just tell me if You need me to help you out, Okey?” . In case we don’t want to help them, the better not do anything at all! Really!

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