[Day 89] 10 people you meet riding BART in the Bay Area

The stoner: the guy who just hit a bong and reeks of liberalism and is probably on the wrong train.

The Oprah: the person who always runs into one friend or another on the train and decides that it’s the perfect time for a deep, soul searching, and revealing conversation.

The novice DJ: that one guy who doesn’t exactly have a refined taste in music but likes to play his music really loud from his phone’s speaker.

The helpless tourist: the person who is completely lost and keeps asking everyone what station it is and after a while people will be like: “What’s your station? We’ll just tell you when you get there.”

The morally justifiable lady: the slightly old lady who complains out loud that nobody gives up seats for the elderly anymore but when you offer her your seat, she declines and then proceeds to complain.

The motivated commuter: the person who elbows everyone to get closer to the door three stations before their actual destination.

The guilted biker: the train is too crowded for him to park his bike so he has to hold onto it while trying to keep himself balanced until his bike knocks someone over and he apologizes.

The future billionaire: he finds something wrong with everything he sees on the way and will probably pitch his solution to fix it before getting off the train.

The jaded mystic: as soon as he gets on the train he closes his eyes and enters a deep trance. He prefers a secluded, hidden place in a corner but if there are no seats, the floor will do just fine.

The romantic lover: 50% of their right swipes happen on their commute to work every day.

[Day 89] 10 people you meet riding BART in the Bay Area

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