[Day 66] Living that Bae Life

So guys, I’m back in the Bay Area, and here are some updates about my life at the moment.

I work in San Francisco, room in Berkeley, party like it’s 1920s because it was the Prohibition period and I don’t drink.

I live in a beautiful house on top of a hill, overlooking the bay and several of its bridges. My three roommates are all competitive chess players–they became grandmasters in their early teens and naturally all they ever talk about is chess. They refer to me as their “non chess player friend” in the same loving manner the Malfoys do when they talk about the Muggles.

I work at a small startup that doesn’t even have a website. What does it do? AI stuff, of course. I watched a couple of TED talks by its founders, Sean Gourley, mind=blown, my fangirl mode activated and I sent him an email. He responded, saying that not only he would meet me but he’d also consider hiring me. It’s a small team of 6 people, 5 of them have PhDs, all young, smart and extremely cool. What they do is amazing and I’m stoked to be part of the team, but I still don’t know what to put on my resume because “a small startup without a website” doesn’t have quite a ring to it.

My love life is only slightly more exciting than that of a sexually inactive pope. No, I’m not kidding. There is actually this list of sexually active popes on Wikipedia.

My nearest non chess player friend lives an hour away and my closest friend just dropped out of school to travel the world so I’m lonely af. Living off-campus means I cannot just walk barefoot to someone’s room when I’m bored and demand to be entertained. I plan to spend a lot of my free time staring out of the window and contemplating life, and maybe getting some writing done. It actually sounds really exciting. I love staring out of the window.

View from where I’m sitting right now

If you’re around and want to stare out of the window with me or just talk trash about my roommates, hit me up ❤

[Day 66] Living that Bae Life

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