[Day 14] Shit Stanford students say

“I wait at least three hours before accepting any friend request on Facebook just so it doesn’t look like I’m too eager to become their friend.”

“My boyfriend is like only 1 connection away from Bill Gates.”

“In my free time, I work on my PhD.”

“I’m now the top student contributor on Piazza.”

“Have you initialized your variable?” is CS106A’s equivalent of “Have you turned it off and on again?”


“I’m asking a professor a question at 11pm on Saturday night. He probably thinks that I have no life.” – “Dude, he just answered your question in 5 minutes on a Saturday night. Who has no life?”

“I like that summer internship but it pays only $20k.”

“My roommate just sold his startup for 10 million and didn’t even offer to pay for our pizza.”

“I thought only athletes take Math 19.”

“I’m a feminist.”

“Chicken is the most vegetarian-friendly meat.”

Below are quotes copied from Things overheard at Stanford

“Be the person the Asian tourists think you are.”

“Ew. My ex just messaged me asking me to fund his project on Kickstarter.”

“It compiles!” – “Submit it!”

“I’m gonna apply to this internship, but if it needs a cover letter, I’m out.”

“Wait, what time is it?” “It’s 2 am.” “Dude, we’re going to be finished so early!”

“I miss the days when people were more liberally educated. You know, like Renaissance men and women. Da Vinci did philosophy, invented things, knew like ten different languages—” – “But could he make a sick-ass app, brah?”

“Oh no, this class doesn’t give out A+’s. Sigh, it’s going to pull down my GPA.”

“Well, it’s a rough class. I may end up getting an A minus.”

“Hey I’m going to the gym. If I’m not back in an hour call the police cause there’s no way I wanted to work out that long.”

“Wow, it’s such a nice day, I’m gonna go take new pictures for my LinkedIn profile!”

[Day 14] Shit Stanford students say

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