[Day 136] Meet Richard Stebbing–my unbelievable boss

Last summer, I worked under Richard Stebbing and he is kinda a genius. I googled him the other day and found out that he finished his undergrad engineering degree in  3 years with straight A-plus. He then became a Rhodes scholar at Oxford, finishing his PhD also in 3 years. Every time I see him code, I’m like: “Wow, you can do that?” When he wasn’t blowing me away with his coding skills, he made a sport out of making fun of me.

Richard, explaining to me what he wants me to do.

Me (sighs): Okay.

Richard: Is there a problem?

Me: Yeah. It’s kinda boring.

Richard: There is this trick to overcome the feeling when you’re not feeling motivated. It’s called “just stop being a wimp and get it done.”

Richard: Anybody wants to grab a short lunch? Chip?

Me: Hell no, I want a long lunch.

Richard: I just told a joke. The only correct answer is to laugh.

Me, packing my stuff to leave.

Richard: Hey where are you going? It’s only 7.30pm. Just kidding, but not really. You’re an intern.

Richard, giving me some advice.

Richard: I did it too and it taught me so much.

Me: Hmmm

Richard: What? You think I’m not a convincing case?

Me: Hmmm

Richard, eating salad for lunch the 3rd day in a row.

Me: Are you on diet?

Richard: Yeah. I think I’m too buff.

Me, starting to laugh uncontrollably.

At the company’s dinner.

Leonard (our coworker): Pass me the rice please? No, not the brown rice. The white one. I know, I’m racist.

Richard: Do you mean “rice-ist”?

Uh, making this list makes me miss Primer. It was a great place to work. If anyone from Primer reads this, thanks for an awesome summer!



[Day 136] Meet Richard Stebbing–my unbelievable boss

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