[Day 790] Reset my life

Have you ever wished that one day, you could just press a button and your life is reset? Start off with a clean slate. Nothing that you’ve done wrong in your life can come back and haunt you.

I was *almost* given that chance today. New job, new house, new relationships (more accurately, the lack of old relationships). It’s *almost* because unfortunately, I’m still me. Everything that I’ve done has become part of me. But at least for now, no one will ask me about it and I can pretend that everything is alright.

It feels good to have a home again.

P/S: I finished 2 of Sedaris’ books today, Naked and Calypso. I’ve started to refer to reading Sedaris as “Sedaris therapy”. His stories remind me of how fucked up adulthood is. If I’m not homeless, not a drug addict, and clothed on a regular basis, how bad can my life really be?

[Day 790] Reset my life