[Day 830] Princessy things to do

  1. I met a super nice guy with beautiful eyes and a great sense of humor but all I could think about the entire time was: “Why is he wearing those shoes?” It makes me feel pretentious.
  2. Scott told me the most princessy thing a girl has ever done to him wasto ask him to drive 40 minutes to pick her up from a concert that she didn’t even invite him to in the first place. I asked him why he let women treat him like that. He said he didn’t know. He then asked me what was the most princessy thing I’ve ever done. I told him I threw away pizza crust edges. I lied, apparently. I’m guilty of making people drive me around all the time. I get away with living in the Bay Area without a driver’s license. What does that make me?
  3. My coworker who had been sitting in front of me for the last 6 weeks finally came to say hi to me. “I see you here all the time but we’ve never talked,” he said. I was relieved: “Oh god, I’m so glad you started the conversation. I was afraid that we’d have to pretend that the other person didn’t exist for the rest of our lives.” I didn’t introduce myself to him on the first day, and after a while, it became too awkward to start and I picked up the habit of examining the empty space in the distance whenever our eyes met. After chatting with him for a bit, I regretted that I didn’t talk to him sooner. We got along well, and he has a Spanish accent. I wonder how many could-have-been great friendships I miss out just because I never started them.


[Day 830] Princessy things to do

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