[Day 825] ’90s babies

Today, I realized that it felt pretty good telling other people that you’re helping your friend move. First, it lets people know that you have friends. Second, it makes you appear to be a great friend.

I’ve heard people describing me as “interesting”, but few describing me as “nice”. D used to chuckle when I asked him if he thought I was nice: “You are, well, okay.” I offered to help Tucker move because I felt guilty after all the kindness he and Daniela had done for me. “Is it some sort of quid pro quo? What do you want this time?” Tucker asked.

Helping someone move turns out to be a lot more fun than I expected. You can learn a lot about a person from the shit that they own. I’ve known Tucker for a quite a while so there isn’t much that can surprise me, but I still found it fun going over his stuff.

  1. He has too many things that occupy too much space and give too little in return. I’ve never developed a sentimental attachment to things so I don’t understand why people can’t throw away shit they no longer need.
  2. A large chunk of his stuff is music-related: an electric drum set, a real drum set, a drum throne, multiple keyboards, mixers, etc.
  3. He has a vacuum. I’ve never met anyone who’s in their early 20s and owns a vacuum cleaner. Idk why but buying a vacuum seems to require a level of mental maturity that I can’t yet comprehend.
  4. His parents buy him gifts he actually loves/uses and his mom packed him an emergency earthquake Red Cross backpack.

I’ve been really into 90s music recently, so the entire day, we played 90s music and sang along. Then we ordered 50+$ worth of cheap but tasty Chinese food and complained about everything. Tucker’s moving in with three friends from college. “Don’t ever think about starting a company in the garage,” the owner warned them. Sometimes I think it must be fun living with your friends from college, but I’m also afraid of getting trapped inside the bubble forever. One of Tucker’s new roommates made jam from peaches in his garden and gave me a jar of delicious homemade jam: fresh and not too sugary.

I was exhausted after moving boxes the entire day, but I also had a lot of fun. I guess what they say is true: it’s less about what you do, but more about who you are with.


[Day 825] ’90s babies

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