[Day 823] Google X

Simon asked me to come to a robotics event with him at Google X, the moonshot factory. I was psyched — there’s such an air of secrecy around X. The only problem is that I wasn’t invited. Some friends at X asked around for me but unfortunately, the event was full (s/o to Nick and Stephen for being homies). Simon told me to come anyway. If I couldn’t get in, we’d just grab a drink.

When I arrived, they let me in without even checking my ID — all that hoopla around X’s secrecy might turn out to be a hoax. It was nice to see a corner of X’s office, touch their self-driving car and read about all the moonshot projects they are nurturing at X. The food served there was great — probably the best ceviche I’d had in a while.

But the event was disappointing. The majority of the audience already work in robotics — that’s how they got invited — but the talks seemed to aim at people who don’t know anything about robotics. Throughout the talk, the speakers kept asking people to come to the robotics side. Even I, who’s practically an outsider in the field, found the event to be a bit slow.

Nonetheless, it was fun catching up with Simon. His robotics startup seems to be doing pretty well. They have their own office, a working prototype, and have received funding from some big names. I’m going to document all interactions I have with him from now on in case his startup becomes a unicorn in the future.

On a slightly related note, I went for a run with Michael yesterday and he told me about a mutual friend whose startup is making a shit ton of money and that friend is loaded. It’s nice to know that your friends are doing well, but they also make me feel like I’m making as much progress as a rock. In 5 years, I’ll probably be poorer than the majority of my friends.




[Day 823] Google X

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