[Day 822] Dance your way through life

Some friends messaged me that I seemed rather down in my previous blog posts. I appreciate their concern and I’m happy to say that the down phase is over. I’m doing great. I’m feeling great. I rarely have the urge to just lie in bed and do nothing. When that happens, it’s because I’m a bum and not because I’m sad. I even went on a date. I was so awkward that I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want a second date, but this still made me happy. The butterfly feeling I had in my stomach before the date let me know that I can fall in love again.

I can’t say that I want to be single forever — I like having someone to share my life with — but I prefer being single to being in a bad relationship. I love gaining back my independence. I love having me to myself. I love being able to do things because I want to do them instead of making comprises with someone else. And I can gawk at beautiful people with zero guilt (except when I get caught).

In the last month, I battled with bad body image and self-doubt. But I looked at the life I had before and thought: “Why should I doubt myself?” I’ve always been a happy-go-lucky person. I’ve always been grateful for whatever life gives me. Nothing anyone says or does to me should change that.

I’ve danced my way through life, and I’ll continue doing so.





[Day 822] Dance your way through life

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