[Day 815] A party at Jensen Huang’s house

Jensen Huang invited all interns, 400 of us, to a party at his house. He was as funny as ever. Everyone loved him, though watching him, I had a feeling that he should have a lawyer with him at all time. He was prone to jokes that, while hilarious, weren’t exactly politically correct. HR reminded us about a dozen times that everything was strictly confidential. They walked around telling people to put their phones down when things got out of hand.

His house was beautiful, but it was hard for me to imagine people actually living there. It felt like a museum. The marble floors were nice to look at but I’m sure I’d be tripping down those staircases three times a month. They served Impossible burger and sushi, and I ate so much one of the servers took notice of me and kept asking me: “More?” Jensen walked around with bottles of beer in his back pockets offering beers to everyone. By the end of the evening, his clothes were drenched in frosty liquid.

It took me about half an hour to get full and slightly tipsy. Not knowing what else to do, I hung around staring at people and was joined by Robert, who also didn’t know what to do. I haven’t been able to figure out why is that with some people, you can easily have a great conversation, while with others, nothing substantial seems to ever come out of your mouth. Luckily, Robert was one of the people I could have an easy conversation with. He mentioned that he loved magic tricks and I noted that all of my friends who know magic tricks told me they picked up those tricks because they were lonely in school. Robert said it described him perfectly. Whenever he watched magic videos online, they all have upbeat techno music with cards flying about. “I hope I don’t make one of those videos when it’s my turn,” he said.

I joined the Polish interns later — they were always together. While I haven’t been able to have a mindblowing conversation with them, I found them to be kind and good-humored. Maybe that’s what friendships are about. One of them taught me the traditional Polish dance. I was confused as I couldn’t decide if we were dancing or if we were going for a walk. “Are people supposed to enjoy the dance?” I asked. They told me no. They only dance that dance once in their lifetime at their high school graduation.

[Day 815] A party at Jensen Huang’s house

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