[Day 811] A friend in need

I was feeling like crap today and started compulsively sending messages so alarming that Tucker decided to come over with his girlfriend, Daniela. When they arrived, I told them I didn’t want to talk, but they hung around anyway. I told them they should go out and do the fun things couples do, not stay in this room with someone so moody, but they told me that they were here for me. Tucker and Daniela said all the right things and helped me do the right things. Daniela told me that when Tucker talked about me, she felt like I was the most interesting person ever. Why let anyone change that?

They then took me out for Vietnamese food and boba. I put on a long dress and high heels. Tucker pointed out that I outdressed everyone, but it was precisely the point — looking great made me feel great.  I felt guilty for taking up so much of their time, but I was also grateful for the much-needed support.

What have I ever done in my life to deserve friends like them?

[Day 811] A friend in need

One thought on “[Day 811] A friend in need

  1. LB says:

    A warm hug from a fan. You are so special and I love the way you live your life. I can’t wait to be back to Vietnam next week and and get your new book ❤️

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