[Day 808] Ups and downs

Some random things that happened today:

1. I accepted Google’s offer.

2. I went for lunch with a bunch of Polish people and they taught me the Polish curse word “Kurwa”. They complained about durians and I retaliated by saying that cheese is weird. They told me that tofu had no taste and I told them potatoes have no taste. I like this group of people.

3. I chatted briefly with Geoff, and even though he was on vacation, he found time to answer in great details some questions I had about writing. I looked him up after our chat and found out that he has his own Wikipedia page. According to it, he “was sensationally accused of spying by news media aligned with the Cambodian People’s Party.” He mentioned the incident earlier this year when we met for coffee but he didn’t tell me it was “sensational.” You bet that I’ll try to insert that word in every conversation I have with him from now on.

4. My company hosted an open house and I went to the table about [product name omitted] hoping to learn more about it. The man told me it was for “AI [something I couldn’t hear]”. I asked him to repeat it and he smiled: “You know, AI, Artificial Intelligence”. Then he slowly enunciated: “Neural networks.” The product was to speed up inference. I asked him what if I wanted to do online training, as in using users’ input to train, before answering my question, he took time to explain to me the difference between training and inference. I asked him if the amount of speed up differs for different batch sizes, instead of answering my question, he explained to me that small batch size takes a shorter time to train and larger batch size takes longer. I realized that he must have thought I was stupid and there was nothing I could do to change that, I left the table.

5. I went to the Spanish speaking group in Palo Alto. I hadn’t used Spanish for so long my tongue felt weird pronouncing the words. People were open and amiable, much more so than normal strangers I meet in the US. Does speaking another language make you another person? I felt like I was back in Rosario at a language exchange cafe. The lady sitting next to me works for an agency assisting visually impaired people. I’d have loved to learn more about her work, but neither of us could find the necessary words in Spanish.

6. The first thing I did when arriving at work today was to go to the vending machine and get myself chicharrones, cheetos, chips for breakfast. I don’t know why I was craving something unhealthy. After I finished them all in one go, I was so disgusted with myself I had to drink a cup of coffee with honey to get rid of the taste in my mouth. The coffee gave me so much energy I started spamming my friends with incomprehensible text messages.

[Day 808] Ups and downs

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