[Day 801] Some bad habits

  1. My finger healed a few days ago but I still put bandages on so that I have something to play with in my hands. The other day, when I was carpooling with Richard, I took off my bandage and started sticking it on my clothes and my skin. When Richard asked me if it was a used bandage, I felt like a dog caught in the middle of tearing toilet papers.
  2. I buy earphones in bulk. They always go missing and I’ve never been able to figure out why. I’ve gone through at least 10 earphones since last year. I think I must spend half my life looking for either my phone, my keys, or my earphones. Yesterday, as I was looking for my keys, Elias asked me why I didn’t put my stuff in a regular place. Well, buddy, I try to but I always forget to put them in a regular place.
[Day 801] Some bad habits

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