[Day 796] A few things I learned today

  1. Adulthood is incredibly lonely. You go to work in your own cubicle and go home to your own room. I was walking around my office the other day and had a tiny mental breakdown. “This is my life now,” I thought. Where do people find a group of friends they can meet and share things every day like in “Friends” or “How I met your mother”? Is there any show about lonely people?
  2. I went grocery shopping in Palo Alto today for the first time in my life and it suddenly occurred to me that I’d never gone grocery shopping by myself before. Usually, somebody was there to make decisions for me, and now, left to my own device, I couldn’t decide what to get and I ended up circling around the store several times. Also, being Palo Alto, everyone I met there seemed old and rich. I later told Simon about it and he laughed: “It’s because everyone is old and rich in Palo Alto. What are you even doing there? Move to the city.”
  3. Whenever I read a book, the characters always seem to have a basement. It’s where they play videos with friends after school or move back in after college. Where do they find those houses with basements? I’ve never lived in a house with a basement. I googled and found out that it’s probably because I’m not rich enough. According to a San Francisco Chronicle’s article: “Basements are the new luxury must-have for Bay Area homeowners.” In Atherton, 70 to 75 percent of new homes have basements. In Palo Alto, it’s about 30 percent.
  4. I learned that one should never use a screwdriver without the handle. I set up my coat hanger today, and, being too lazy to pick up the heavy handle, I just used the raw shaft. It ended peeling a big chunk of my skin. On the bright side, my coat hanger looks gorgeous.
[Day 796] A few things I learned today

One thought on “[Day 796] A few things I learned today

  1. really?? basements are very common here in the Midwest, pretty much all the private houses that I’ve been to have basements. basements can have multiple rooms, used as a laundry room, a food storage, a severe weather shelter (no glass) or a chilling lounge, or even a guest bedroom. For student housing, basement is a common place for a ping pong table and party, as it doesn’t get as loud as when the party is on the first floor.


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