[Day 790] Reset my life

Have you ever wished that one day, you could just press a button and your life is reset? Start off with a clean slate. Nothing that you’ve done wrong in your life can come back and haunt you.

I was *almost* given that chance today. New job, new house, new relationships (more accurately, the lack of old relationships). It’s *almost* because unfortunately, I’m still me. Everything that I’ve done has become part of me. But at least for now, no one will ask me about it and I can pretend that everything is alright.

It feels good to have a home again.

P/S: I finished 2 of Sedaris’ books today, Naked and Calypso. I’ve started to refer to reading Sedaris as “Sedaris therapy”. His stories remind me of how fucked up adulthood is. If I’m not homeless, not a drug addict, and clothed on a regular basis, how bad can my life really be?

[Day 790] Reset my life

2 thoughts on “[Day 790] Reset my life

  1. Its amazing how everyone goes through the shittiness that adulthood is but nobody really teaches you how to navigate. You just learn on your own terms, figuring out bits & pieces.

    Each time telling yourself – “It didn’t have to be this hard.” But it’s just is and you adapt to it. Gradually it becomes a part of existence and you wade through the surprises life throws on the way. It shapes you, moulds you as you emerge as an unique individual.

    Hope you’re alright. How’s the new job btw?

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  2. Thu Huong says:

    I read you story on Facebook today. It touched my heart. You has been my idol since I was at 1st year of my bachelor. We’re same age but I went to school 1 year earlier. I did try my best to be good girl (according to social standard) until I graduated, had job and then broke up with my 1st bf. This gave me strength to fight for a scholarship for my Master in EU and I was lucky. I studied CS, no need to try hard to get a job here, had a geeky bf and then we broke up because we don’t go same direction. Until now, when looking back, I still feel lucky to have that chance which helped me to become the one I am now (not too good, but better in handling my emotions).
    You’re such a strong and smart girl that I’ve ever known. I adore your courage in doing things I can’t. I hope you will soon find peace and happiness in your life as you deserve it.

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