[Day 504] The thing about Iceland …

… is that their horses have fabulous hair. Their hair is long, silver-blonde, blowing in the wind in such a way that it always covers one of their eyes like they are in a One Direction’s music video. The government has long decided that those horses’ hair is the most attractive thing about the country, besides Viking fish snack, licorice chocolate, and renewable energy,  so you can see those horses posing everywhere. You can see them on the front page of magazines, on advertisements, and of course, in real life.


beautiful hair horses.jpg
Where you’re as welcome as your money. If you don’t have money, Southern Europe is ahead to the right pls

Btw, their licorice chocolate sucks. I got some as a gift for my friends and they’re using it to play pokers, as in if you lose, you have to eat it. Thanks, guys.


[Day 504] The thing about Iceland …

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