[Day 486] This guy bought a Tesla Model S to drive Uber select hoping to potential investors

Disclaimer: I didn’t verify whether he actually bought the Tesla S or not. This is what he told me.

Today, Dani and I went to watch Baby Driver. It was meh. The director seemed to have problem deciding whether to make an action or a romantic movie, and he ended up doing both. The best part of our cinematic experience was actually the Uber drivers taking us back and forth.

The first driver was an earnest guy in his mid 20s. He drove a nice Toyota Corolla whose window pockets were filled with water and granola bars. “You’re welcome to have some.” “No thank you. I’m good.” When Dani and I saw a checker cab with “You can book us online with curb” painted on the side, I wondered out loud if “curb” was Uber for taxis, and the driver laughed hysterically. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I realized that he laughed hysterically at almost every attempt at jokes we made. 

When we were about to reach the cinema, he decided it was the perfect time to start a conversation.

“So what is your take on Elon Musk’s Boring company?”

Before either Dani or I could answer, he went straight on.

“We think he’s gone nuts. Seriously, elevators for cars? Don’t take me wrong, we adore this guy. We’re picking up our new Tesla model S tomorrow.”

“We? Who are you buying the car with?”

“My partner. My partner and I are running this startup that makes haptic keyboards called hi with exclamation mark. We’re trying to get investors, so he drives for Lyft and I drive for Uber.”

“So you can advertise your product to riders.”

“No, but that’s a great idea. We’re trying to get investors. With a Tesla we can drive for Uber select and meet fancy people.”

“Did you just take the idea from the Silicon Valley show?” In the show, Richard Hendriks pretended to be a Uber driver to talk to an investor, almost kidnapping him.

“No no. People go crazy here for investors. I know people stalking investors’ house and stuff. We’re not crazy like that.”

By then, we’d been at the destination for almost 10 minutes and the car behind us was pissed trying to get to the curb to drop off, so we bade him farewell. We couldn’t decide if he was really getting a Tesla model S to get investors, or if he was just messing around with us. We decided to send him a thank you note:

“Thanks a lot for the ride. We’re actually rich people pretending to ride Uber pool to meet potential startup founders. Send us an email if you’re interested.”

We included our email. But it has been over 5 hours and we still haven’t heard anything from him. Do you think Uber filtered out email address in the thank you note?

[Day 486] This guy bought a Tesla Model S to drive Uber select hoping to potential investors

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