[Day 220] Wordpress is blocked in Vietnam

I just arrived in Vietnam realized that WordPress is blocked here. I keep forgetting that we have censorship. Some more examples of censorship in Vietnam:

  • Facebook is blocked when there are signs of social unrest because people use Facebook to organize protests.
  • SMSes are blocked by keywords before big events. For example, during the last election, keyword “bầu cử” (vote) was blocked. When people complained on social media, there were several articles that the Ministry of Technology and Information had no information about this block and they promised to investigate what network providers blocked those keywords. The result of the investigation was never published.
  • Vietnamese versions of news sites such as Radio Free Asia (rfa.org), Voice of America, (voatiengviet.com), and BBC are all blocked in Vietnam. Their English counterparts are free to roam. It’s as if the government said f*** it people here wouldn’t be able to understand english anyway.
  • A journalist told me she needed to keep her phone with her 24/7 in case someone in the government needs her to edit an article.
  • By law, the criminal code prohibits speech that is critical of the government.

Okay that’s for now. I don’t want any trouble.

[Day 220] Wordpress is blocked in Vietnam

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