[Day 40] Asian fetish or yellow fever

So I met a white guy last night at a party in Edinburgh and he told me he liked me because, said he, “I really like Asian girls.” How is it supposed to be cute? It’s like saying: “I don’t care about you as a person. I don’t care what kind of shitty personality that you have. As long as you’ve got that chinky eyes and that petit body I’m gonna xyz.” Like I’m one of those mass produced dolls from China. Like millions of girls like me exist just for the sole purpose of satisfying your fetishism.

The disturbing thing is that he’s not the first white person to tell me so. Just few weeks ago, a guy at Stanford told me the exact same thing. A Stanford guy, as priviledged and as well-educated as they came. An Asian friend of mine who is dating a white guy was once asked: “Is [her boyfriend’s name] dating you because you’re Asian?” I don’t get it, amidst all these race talks, how on Earth do people still find it acceptable to publicly fetishize a race? How on Earth do those supposedly-smart guys still think it’s cute to hit on a girl buy reducing her into a nameless body among a horde of other nameless bodies that happen to share her race and gender? Oh yeah, you like me because I’m an Asian girl? Do you also like my best friend, my sister, even my Mom?

[Day 40] Asian fetish or yellow fever

4 thoughts on “[Day 40] Asian fetish or yellow fever

  1. That is an idiotic thing to say to a woman. And yes, if he’s going to go there everyone and anyone is on the hit list. Just so you know, it’s a status thing. There’s this idea that Asian women love worship and adore a certain race. So he thought he was offering you a compliment. The other thing is that Asian women are thought to be high maintenance (travelling, upkeep, support) and age very well. So if he “bags one” (sorry to use such a degrading term) he’ll look rich and successful to his friends. See? It’s not about you. He’s got a whole industry of fantasy going on.


  2. You can “like” somebody for their personality etc. but “fancy” for appearance. Small but big differences that most of people don’t see divide them for racist jerks.
    I do fancy oriental girls as not all of Asian are from China for instance 🙂

    Great blog tbh!
    Enjoy the hot Scottish summer in Edinburgh
    Ps. Gave you a blue star;)

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