[Day 29] British humor in one photo

Friends, long story short, I will be in UK for the next 5 weeks: 1 week in England and a month in Scotland. I arrived 2 hours ago in London. Hit me up if you’re around.

Few thoughts about this kingdom so far:

1. Humor: I picked up the inflight magazine on my flight to Edinburgh and saw this:

dam fine.jpg
Dam fine

2. Food: I sat next to an Italian girl on the bus from the airport to London central. She went to college in London so she knows the city quite well. I asked her what she thought of English food, she started laughing. The man sitting in front of us overhearing our conversation also started laughing. My friend, who has been studying in London for 9 months, is so sick of British food she decided to become a vegetarian.

3. Scenery: So green! Green grass everywhere. California is so dry all you can see is yellow grass. But here everything is so green.

4. Weather: My God, what they say about London weather is true!


5. Accent: Where is the sexy British accent I have heard so much about? So far, most people I have talked to in London are immigrants. The man serving me fish and chips is from Turkey–he insisted that I stay in London and get married here. The man at the grocery store is Iranian. Walking around Whitechapel is like walking along a New Delhi  street. I guess London is truly a racially diverse city.

[Day 29] British humor in one photo

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