[Day 3] South Sudan’s Civil War, Israel’s Unit 8200 and Trump

What I learned today is pretty international. In the morning, I read a fascinating article about Israel’s Unit 8200 on Forbes. It’s a cyber intelligence/security unit within IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Most of them are recruited straight out of high school and given free range to do James Bond-ish stuff. After their time at the unit, they often go on to form startups. Their companies’ average market cap is said to be at half a billion dollars. I was in Israel for 3 months and chilled with a lot of (ex) IDF soldiers but never heard of it. It also makes me wonder why suddenly Forbes is writing about them now. What do they need the publicity for?

In the evening, I had dinner with a wonderful woman I consider my Godmother and her family. She just came back from a mission to three countries in Africa and she reported that everyone she met found American politics incredulous.

“Do you like Trump?” People kept asking her.

“Are you kidding me?” She was offended. How could anyone possibly mistake her for a Trump supporter?

“I don’t know. We are mystified why American people are voting for him.”

“So are we.”

Since she will soon be going to South Sudan, the topic went around to the unrest in the country and I had a glimpse of what it is like living in a war. The first time she was in South Sudan was in 2013 for a similar mission.  She said at that time, she was given a quick-run pack that had a lighter, some water, granola bars, and well, a dainty mirror. Every building had a foxhole just in case the bombs dropped. But she is not afraid of going there again, because she believes what she does can help South Sudanese people. Every time I meet her, I can’t help but thinking: “How do I become you when I grow up?” I feel extremely fortunate to have such a brave and inspiring woman in my life.

[Day 3] South Sudan’s Civil War, Israel’s Unit 8200 and Trump

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